The Haunt is available for daytime or evening hire throughout the week. With its 2 floor layout, stage that can double as dancefloor and sensational sound & lighting system The Haunt is one of Brighton’s most versatile venues. Events at the venue can range from live music shows, club nights, showcases, product launches, exhibitions, fashion shows, performances and speaking engagements.



Outside the front of the venue is a resizable/reshapable smoking area formed from adjustable metal fencing. The entrance consists of a double door width metal shutter with two pink & blue neon strips above the logo and website address which are emblazoned on our black glass exterior.



The entrance hall includes stairs to a good sized cash desk and cloakroom facilities which then leads to a double door access to the main room.



Upon entering the main room through the double doors from the foyer, there is space for a merch stand next to an ancilliary bottle bar for those events that require extra service in addtion to ur main bar. This area can alternatively be used as an enclosed merch stall or if applicable to the event and upon special request.

To the right of the entrance to main room there access to the upstairs of the venue just beyond this is a raised sound & lighting technicans area with desk. 


To the left is the gents toilets which is followed by the venues main bar which stretches along the majority of the left hand side of the room and is lit by a pink neon ‘The Haunt’ sign. To the right of the room is an are that includes bech seating wrapped to the wall on a slightly raised platform, which helps for shorter gig goers!


The middle of the main room consists of a large dance floor leading on to an exceptionally large raised stage that can also double as more dance floor. There is a 10ftx10ft projection screen on the wall to the rear of the stage which provides an excellent backdrop for live performances or as a backdrop to our customisable DJ booth that can be placed at the front of the stage or to the rear of the stage when it is not in use for live bands in order that it can double as dancefloor.


The main room also has double door access close to the left hand side of the stage which leads to a small backstage area that leads to another set of street level double doors where load in access is ideal. As well as direct stage access via a door at the back left-hand door of the stage leading to the back of house, dressing rooms etc. 



Heading up the stairs from the main room lit by pink & blue neon, the landing branches left and right. Left leads to the recently expanded ladies toilets and right to a door to the upstairs room, the door can be locked when upstairs is not in use but does not restrict access to the ladies toilets. 



The second room is a mezzanine upstairs floor and consists of a secondary bar, smaller dance floor, secondary dressing room (see below), seating and a wonderful balcony that directly overlooks the stage and main dance floor. This are also has direct access to backstage. 



The backstage areas are accessable to staff/promoters/artists from both upstairs and downstairs. A lockable door leads to the main dressing room which consists of entrance hall with sink and door to private toilet, separate door to dressing room area with seating, tea & coffee making facilities, fridge, mirror & table. Backstage stairs from the main dressing room lead directly to a private stage entrance for artists. 


The upstairs level incorporates a secondary smaller dressing room with mirrored wall, seating and table (tea & coffee making facilities & fridge can also be provided if necessary). The downstairs backstage area also includes a wide double door street level load-in for bands. An additional bonus to the backstage area includes an in-house print company office, –promoters are entitled to discounted print rates.